Ford Escape Problems

Are you experiencing problems with your Ford Escape? Listed below are four of the most commonly reported complaints and repairs required for Ford Escapes according to These complaints include electrical, computer, engine, and transmission problems. At Hansma Automotive, we are equipped to deal with your car's  problems. Contact us for regular maintenance or any other type of problem you may be experiencing. 

2008 Ford Escape

2008 Ford Escape


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Transmission Cooler Failure - 2008 Ford Escape

The most common problem reported by 2008 Ford Escape owners according to was transmission cooler failure. The average kilometers covered prior to failure was 73,000.  Based on consumer surveys, Ford may, or may not, replace the necessary parts free of charge. For all transmission problems, Ford or otherwise, come see the experts at Hansma Automotive.

Transmission Replacement - 2008 Ford Escape

In addition to having many cases of transmission cooler failure, the 2008 Ford Escape also had a bad record with transmission replacement. Transmissions began failing on average around 135,000 km. In most cases, this required an extremely expensive total transmission replacement. Replacing a transmission on any vehicle can be costly. Contact us at Hansma Automotive for regular maintenance on your vehicle.

Electrical Problems - 2005 Ford Escape

The 2005 Ford Escape is notorious for electrical problems attributed to computer (PCM) failure.  These problems typically appear around 160,000 km and are an expensive repair. Faulty and damaged parts including the PCM, spark plugs, coils, and cylinders may require replacement. Typically there is no warning, simply a loss of power that may initially be blamed on an alternator. For these and other problems you experience with your vehicle, always take your car to a shop with a good reputation and a team of expert technicians.

2005 Ford Escape

2005 Ford Escape

Engine Fires - 2013 Ford Escape

The 2013 Ford Escape was recalled twice due to engine fires in the first few months after its launch. Ford owners were warned to park their cars in the driveway and have them towed to the dealership for the appropriate repairs. The danger arose from a faulty fuel line that could break and leak fuel, potentially causing fires. A few months after the initial recall, the vehicle was recalled once again, this time for antifreeze leaks that could ignite fires upon contact with the hot engine.

2013 Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape

"I have been taking my vehicles to Hansma's for over 20 years. Pete has always given good advice, hasn't done unnecessary repairs. They do great work, and if something needs correcting they are quick to do so. A few years ago, when debating about repairing an older model car, Pete recommended not fixing it and moving on, even though this meant less income for the shop. I have personally recommended Hansma's to several friends, who have been extremely satisfied with the service there." - Doug
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Repairs We Carry Out At Hansma

If you are experiencing transmission problems with your Ford Escape, come see the experts at Hansma Automotive. They can fix most problems in a few hours or less. Hansma Automotive carries out all types of  repairs to Ford Escapes and to most other makes and models of vehicles. We are proud to offer services on brakes, transmission, shocks, exhaust, steering, air conditioning, and more. Visit our services page for a complete list.  Hansma Automotive is conveniently located at 88 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener, Ontario.  Take advantage of our convenient shuttle service.


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