Car Wiring Repair Shop: Friendly, Safety First Service


Have you ever run into electrical problems or unknown issues with your car and wondered "what could be the problem?" Hansma is an experienced car wiring repair shop, focusing on friendly, safety first service. If you are wondering what the issue could be, find your answers here. If you are needing a repair, contact the professionals at Hansma today

Car Wiring Repair Shop: Common Problems

1. Difficulty Cranking Engine

Often, when a car won’t start, people assume it’s the starter or an engine issue. However, sometimes it means there is a defective component in the electrical system that’s either affecting the battery or the starter. If you hear a clicking noise when turning the key, it usually means that the starter can’t engage.  If you hear a grinding noise when trying to start the car it could be a bad starter. The older your car is, the higher the likelihood of these problems actually being caused by electrical problems. If you’ve experienced any of these problems, contact the professionals at Hansma today.

2. Check Your Battery

At the heart of the electrical system of a vehicle is the battery. The average battery lasts about 5 years in our Canadian climate. There are a number of issues that could cause problems with your battery, however, a bad battery cell or alternator could prevent your battery from staying charged. This is just part of the reason it is very important to have your complete electrical system checked regularly. You don’t want to end up stranded with a dead battery somewhere. You should also check your battery’s cables regularly for corrosion. If they are corroded, talk to your mechanic today. It is very important that your battery and electrical system work well - let the professionals at Hansma inspect your battery if you think you could be having issues. 


3. Check Your Headlights

Dim headlights or brake lights can be an indication of electrical problems. Problems such as a charging malfunction, resistance in the electrical system, loose wires, or a severely discharged battery can result in dim lights on your vehicle. If this happens, it is also recommended to check your vehicle’s alternator belt. Once the battery voltage drops below a certain level, some of the safety systems can stop functioning, or your vehicle could even stop running altogether. If you’re unsure of how to check any of these items be sure to contact Hansma today. The experts at Hansma can check all components of your vehicle and will only make recommendations based on what needs to be repaired. 


4. What’s That Smell?

The smell of melting plastic or burning is something that should never be ignored. Every electrical circuit is designed to carry a specific amount of energy, and when a wire or component shorts, the circuit draws more power than it can handle.  This can cause burning smells. Always keep in mind that if smoke is present, there is a possibility of fire, and this very likely could mean there is an electrical problem with your vehicle. Contact the professionals at Hansma immediately if this happens to you and they will be able to locate and repair the problem in a timely manner, before it becomes a bigger, more dangerous problem.

5. Missing Or Blown Fuses

A blown fuse is a sign that your electrical system or wiring is drawing too much. It is important to find the problem before replacing a fuse. If you do replace a fuse, closely monitor the vehicle/ fuse to confirm it’s not a recurring issue. If you’re replacing your fuses regularly, then you’ll have to look further into what the problem could be. 

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Our Mission

As a Tech-Net professional auto repair facility, Hansma Automotive is committed to serving you, our customer, with professional auto service repair at a reasonable cost. We use quality CARQUEST auto parts, guaranteed coast to coast. We stand on sound business principles and uphold high ethical standards. Our goal is to make your automotive repair experience friendly and successful.

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Our Story

By providing good, old-fashioned customer service over the years, Hansma Automotive has gained a loyal following in the community. Hundreds of area residents have come to depend on our team and to rely on the technical expertise of our friendly staff to keep their family vehicles in peak running condition.

The success of our neighbourhood business has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Indeed, satisfied existing clients are our best advertising. Our 'word-of-mouth referrals continue to be our largest source of new customers.

Perhaps you yourself are visiting this website on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance. Whether a referral led you here or not, one thing is certain: You too can entrust all of your vehicle's service and repair needs to the team of automotive professionals here at Hansma Automotive Service Inc.

Hansma Automotive Service began in 1987 with two bays and 3 employees. In 1992, the company became incorporated. In 1996, another unit was added to make 5 bays. Today, Hansma Automotive has 6 employees and offers a wide range of vehicle repair and vehicle detailing services.


Additional Benefits

Choosing Hansma for your automotive service comes with additional benefits on top of great service. These benefits include:

  • Complimentary shuttle services so you can still get to work if your car is in the shop.
  • Cost/benefit analysis of your vehicle, as sometimes it's time to get a new vehicle. Hansma will make recommendation about a new vehicle if the cost of repairs is going to outweigh the cost of a newer vehicle.
  • Online appointment requests. Our online booking form allows you to specify which date works best for you. Our staff will do their best to get you into the shop on that date.
  • Highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Our staff wants what is best for you. 

Trust The Professionals At Hansma

At Hansma we offer service with a difference. We have worked hard to gain a reputation for honesty and quality work.  You can trust us to only recommend and carry out the repairs that you actually need. Whether you've been in an accident and are needing a place to send your car or you are just looking for standard maintenance, we will let you know what you need done and when it should be done. Our customers have come to consider us as their mechanic friend. As your mechanic friend, we promise to give you top-notch service at reasonable and competitive rates. Click here to meet our friendly team, read our testimonials, and contact us today to find out about the Hansma service difference for yourself.  We are open every weekday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Come see us at 88 Shoemaker St. in Kitchener, Ontario.


"I have been using Hansma Automotive Service Inc. for over 5 years now and I find them to be professional in every respect. Their technicians quickly identify the issues and formulate a prioritized repair schedule. You can see that Peter has instilled his core values of honesty, Integrity and thoroughness in his team while also staying competitive. Keep up the good work" - Garry

Great service and friendly people. They have always been able to help me with car repairs and maintenance. When possible they provide options for repairs (different parts or levels of repair), usually followed by great advice for how to proceed. Their loaner car has been a benefit many times when I needed service, but also needed a vehicle. The cleaning service is great to remove all the salt and dirt that builds up from winter driving, I can't believe a 15+ year-old car can look new. It's also convenient to have this done at the same place as I get all my other car work done. I will continue to come back for as long as I own a vehicle (probably forever)." - Nicholas


"These guys are good. Up to date and well equipped to repair late model cars, yet enough experience to deal with older stuff as well. Recently, I had a recurring problem on my 2014 Equinox that they resolved through persistence, even though in the aftermath it became obvious that the problem was caused by me, the driver! Great service as always, Thanks!" - Erv

"Pete and his staff provide us continually excellent service with a smile, honest work and competitive prices. The vehicles are always ready for pick-up when they say they will be complete. Keep up the good work." - Tim

"I have been a customer of Hansma Automotive for a few years now. Pete and his crew are wonderful and really do care about you and your vehicle. They treat you with the utmost respect and always do a great job. I can come away from having my van worked on and be 100% confident that they have taken care of whatever needed to be done. They go above and beyond to help you make sure that you are safe on the road." - Cynthia

"Went to Hansma for problems with the front axle and bearings. Received service from Pete Hansma himself. It was a great experience. They provided fast and efficient service, and went out of their way to make it convenient for me to drop off and pick up my vehicle. I would definitely bring my car in again and I have suggested that my friends do the same. I found Hansma online, and found that he has been servicing the area for many, many years. I would strongly suggest that anyone go to Hansma Automotive for any servicing needs. I know I will." - Dave 

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MechanicNet Reviews 

"Excellent service, very professional and courteous, appointments start on time and most often are completed ahead of schedule." - Wesley; April 12, 2018

"I have been taking my vehicles to Hansma automotive, and have been pleased with the service every single time. Pete and Adrien are always very helpful, they provide great service, and quality work on my vehicles. I strongly recommend Hansma automotive to anyone and everyone, as they are the best mechanics around." - Dave; January 18, 2018

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