Top 5 Easy To Use Car Maintenance Checklists

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Maintaining your car can sometimes feel like a challenge, especially when it comes to older vehicles. Sometimes, car owners avoid maintaining their vehicle because it can feel overwhelming, or they just aren't sure how to do it. However, proper maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your car stays on the road for a long time. This listing will show you the top 5 best car maintenance checklists so you can stay on top of your vehicle's health - without any extra worry! You can also always contact your local automotive technician to learn more.  


5 Best Easy To Use Car Maintenance Checklists

You don't have to be car savvy to use these awesome car maintenance checklists! They will help you learn when you need to service your car, and how you can go about doing that. Please note that these checklists are not listed in any particular order - we think they are all great!


#1 - High Mileage Vehicle Maintenance Checklist by ThoughtCo 

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The High Mileage Vehicle Maintenance Checklist from ThoughCo is a great resource for anyone with an older car or vehicle that has a lot of mileage. The checklist is organized in a super easy-to-read format, listing monthly and yearly maintenance tips.

It also gives advice on what to have inspected, changed, and maintained at certain mile intervals (don't worry, you can convert miles to kilometres here). Even if you don't have an older car, this is still a great checklist to keep in the back of your mind!


#2 - 8 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle - Checklist by Money Crashers

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This checklist from Money Crashers offers eight simple DIY car maintenance tips that any vehicle owner can handle. The list goes through eight maintenance tips, such as how to clean your air filter, change your windshield wipers, and how to change your oil.

For each tip on the list, you're also provided with approximately how much each task with cost, how long it will take, and instructions on how to get it done. Even if you don't plan on doing these tasks yourself, it is a good idea to know what should be regularly done so you can ask your mechanic for more information.


#3 -  Free Printable Car Maintenance Checklist by Wondermom Wannabe

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If you don't know a lot about cars and are intimidated by anything to do with car maintenance - fear not! Blogger Wondermom Wannabe has put out an amazing, easy to read and easy to understand car maintenance checklist that anyone will be able to use.

At the end of the article, she even includes a super simple checklist that you can print out. This list also includes how frequently you should complete each task, as well as how to do it yourself or by working with a mechanic. 


#4 - Car Maintenance and Servicing Basics by Budget Direct

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This simple Car Maintenance and Servicing Basics guide by Budget Direct includes a lot of information and helpful tips. In the first section, you will find information about the importance of maintaining your car. There are also tons of tips about maintaining various parts of your car, like tires and wipers. 

One of the most unique parts of this article is that you will have access to the interactive car maintenance checklist! Right on the page, there is an interactive checklist. You can actually click the checkboxes to keep track of what you have and haven't done. This is a great page to use as you complete each step. 


#5 - 10 Steps To Prepare Your Car For Winter by

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In Ontario and many parts of Canada and North America, we have to deal with harsh winters. Winters can be hard on us, but they can also be hard on your car! Extreme temperatures, moisture, and ice can all damage your car.

Ensuring you properly maintain your car all year round, including extra care during the winter, can ensure it stays healthy. The listing of 10 steps to prepare your car for winter by is a great guide for those who are not necessarily car savvy - but still want to keep their car safe! This guide will teach you those extra little maintenance tasks you can do to help winterize your car. 


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